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leader values


Are you a spa owner ready to step into that CEO role? This article is taken from an interview Ramona had with  Leslie Lyons, the founder of the bombshell movement studio in Chicago and the host of the Unshakeable Leadership Podcast. Leslie helps female business owners get unapologetically clear on their inherent strengths and soul purpose, so they can lead from their values, create magnetic marketing. We’re gonna be talking about how to be CEO and leader of your team.


You might be saying “I’m getting swept away, I’m so busy. I can’t accept new clients. So I need to hire more people. I need someone to run my desk or I need somebody to do that. How do I begin to trust that I can hire someone and trust them with this brand that I have built from my actions?”




It’s not easy once you’ve been a one person show. Let’s just acknowledge that. The first question is: Who do I hire first? And then how do I make sure They treat the clients and treat my business the way that my clients are accustomed to and deserve? When you go to grow a team, you have to be able to sell them a bigger vision. It has to be bigger than just helping people. Because the clerk of Starbucks helps people. We need to get very clear on our purpose in the marketplace. And until you can articulate that, clearly it is going to be very difficult to attract, and manage a team that buys into and believes in your vision. – Leslie Lyons




It always amazes me, when I think about the fact that we have a 30 plus team. And we have longevity with our team. And I know it comes down to my mother. When she started to De-stress Express her biggest thing wasn’t about finding the most talented people. It was about finding first and foremost, those individuals who are teachable. And those who were willing to accept her guidance. And then those who were willing to teach as well. -Ramona Rice




I believe women have innate wisdom and intuition. And we’re not going to talk about that here. But she leaned into what she knew to be true. What I loved about what you said, Ramona, was that she was like, No, we’re all teachers. That’s a value. That is something that she esteems. The special thing about being women is that we often lean into our intuition. The first thing is to sit back and say, Who am I? The key to leading well is you first must lead yourself and you can’t lead yourself if you don’t know yourself.  -Leslie Lyons




People are always saying lean into your intuition, lean into your intuition, but we don’t give women tools to learn to trust that voice. We have a patriarchal system that is working overtime to make women not trust their voices.  I really want you to know your God given talents. Because all of us have God given talents, abilities and things that you can only uniquely do well. But we have to figure out what they are.  -Leslie Lyons




One of the biggest issues that a lot of my spa partners that I’ve worked with, and I’ve met with over the years have said is that they just can’t figure it out. But I gotta tell you, when you have a team in place, you don’t know how valuable it is. I think it comes from again, that extinction will and again, my mother is just a four, she is a force to be reckoned with. And she just knows individuals. And she trusts individuals, sometimes to a fault. She’ll admit that. And she’ll give too much leeway. But I think that the first thing is knowing yourself, because when you know yourself really well. You’re able to trust people more because you trust yourself. 

-Ramona Rice




My very first boss, he told me and he was also my very first mentor in sales. He always said if you’re going to agree with everything I say, I don’t need you to already think I have all the great ideas. I already think what I’m saying is the best thing since sliced bread. I need a buffer. I need someone to see things I can’t see. This is the mindset we all should have when hiring. -Leslie Lyons




In interviews. If you ask someone, are they a team player? Who the hell is gonna say no, unless they’re very self reflective and want to make sure they get the right job. But most people are gonna be like, Yeah, absolutely. So how do we rephrase that? Because your mom was going after team players, but she really wanted to make sure they were teachable. So try: Give me an example of a time where you had to actually be a student in your position. How did that make you feel?  

-Leslie Lyons




I’m learning right now, that is such a perfect way. But look at just the simple things you just did to change what my question was into something even more thoughtful.  -Ramona Rice




Here’s the thing, an HR professional, especially a consultant is only going to have the information you give them about your culture. So again, it goes back to knowing what’s important to you, so that you can tell them and they can help you frame those questions. So once you take in those four or five values that you have, and you have those interview questions, you’ll go in and fill in a lot more confidence that you are truly getting someone who isn’t giving you lip service, but they really aligned with who you are.  -Leslie Lyons




You’re not just giving her a massage, you’re giving her freedom. When you see your work like that, when you can tie it to something bigger, every human being wants to be a part of something bigger. So my staff knows we’re not just in here, We’re helping women to reclaim their voice, their power, and it will make them work harder for you. It’ll make them more committed to you. Because they’re committed to the vision. And it’s your responsibility as the CEO to keep those values and lead with your vision out in front of them every chance you get.


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The first thing I would say is if they just kind of want to figure out how they would lead. What does my leadership style lead to? You don’t have to go buy books and all of that. I actually have a free quiz on my website, and you can determine: Do you lead with your head? Do you lead with your heart? Or do you lead with your gut? That’ll start to give you some ideas and some uncovering of who you are and what your values are. This puzzle helps you get there. You can go over to my website completely free. 






This article was taken from episode 140 of The Spapreneur Podcast and 
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