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Do you have a strong brand identity? This article is taken from episode 155 of the Spapreneur® Podcast with our interview  of Ross Kimbarovsky from Crowdspring! We discuss the importance of having strong branding and design in all aspects of your business.


Ross Kimbarovsky

Ross founded and is the CEO at Crowdspring. More than 220,000 experienced freelancers help businesses, entrepreneurs, agencies, and non-profits with high-quality custom logo design, web design, graphic design, product design, and company naming services. Crowdspring has worked with the world’s best brands, including Amazon, LG, Starbucks, Microsoft, Barilla, Philips, and many of the world’s best agencies – and tens of thousands of entrepreneurs and startups.

Before founding Crowdspring, Ross practiced law for 13 years as a successful trial attorney. (Fun fact: there’s a rumor that Ross left his law practice in 2007 to found Crowdspring so that he could wear shorts to work. That rumor is true.)


Why Cheap Design Costs MORE

lot of newbie business owners, and they’re very excited. They tell me ” Oh, I’m making my logo in Canva”  Please do not DIY your branding. I’m begging you. – Ramona Rice

And here is why it’s important. Let’s try to understand why branding is so much more important today. Because I think the context here is really critical. First of all, visual design has become a really big differentiator. In spa business, that’s always been true.  Your clients are coming to the spa and they’re looking around to see what How are the towels? How are the chairs? What kind of products are you using? How are people dressed? Those things have always been important, they become more so when you’re competing with with established brands.  – Ross Kimbarovsky

Most importantly younger consumers are much more brand aware than any generations before them. So when you look at millennials, Gen Z, and younger generations, they are much more focused on on visual design. If your spa if your visual identity, if the when people entered your spy, if it looks like every other spot, there’s no differentiation, it’s really hard to build a strong business. This mistake will cost you in the long term.  – Ross Kimbarovsky


Give your Clients a Brand Identity

We want to make spa really approachable, but we take it very seriously when we’re in the room. So the rooms are very soothing and calming, but a Friday it’s fine and bright and it’s very unexpected but also our website and we’re actually redoing right now is bright and colorful and we’re really clear about what we want to do so like for example if you are a person like me who’s very outgoing and chatty, don’t hide that because you’re not gonna hide that in the room anyway so make sure customers and your future clients know that that’s what to expect.    -Ramona Rice

Everything visual your brand is also in every consumer touchpoint with with you. It’s it’s the customer support people at your spa, the cashier, the people who are doing the services. It is also your website, logo and promotional materials. At the end of the day, all of these touch points need to be strong. -Ross Kimbarovsky

Know Your Customer

One of the things that that often happens is, entrepreneurs do a really poor job understanding who their customer is, they think that because people walk in through the door, and pay money for services, they understand their customer. The reality sometimes is that you really don’t you happen to be lucky to have people walk in. But, the reason you’re struggling to scale your business and grow it is because you really don’t know who your actual customers are. And once you the Spapreneur figure that out, you will be incredibly successful in growing your business. Because now you know the kind of people that you need to look for, how to talk to them, and the best way to communicate with those people and that’s a that’s a huge differentiator.  -Ross Kimbarovsky


Your Brand Voice Also Includes Recruitment

When you’re bringing on new people. You’re looking at that as making sure they also implement your brand.  – Ramona Rice

Absolutely. You might of heard to always be looking for a “culture fit.” And I think most mistakenly understand what culture fit is. The fact is, every person you add to your team changes your culture. That’s just the nature of how people work. So you’re not looking for culture fit, you’re looking for a culture enhancer. What you want that person to do is to make your culture better. When we hire, we look for those kinds of people. And every successful business spends time looking for those people.       -Ross Kimbarovsky



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