The Path To Spa Business CEO


Where are you on your path to Spa Business CEO? This article will help you in understanding the business roles and titles in the spa industry. I am lending a helping hand in growing your business. What really matters is having the confidence in yourself to own those business titles and work your way to the top! In this episode, we give you a full breakdown of the roles that can sit within your business, the tasks they fulfil as well as why and how you should be owning that CEO title.

The Spa Owner Career Path – Step #1 Student

There’s a CEO career path for most Spa Owners. We start out being students. For students their objective, they’re learning, they’re not getting paid. They have no reputation to start at the ground level. And they need a lot of guidance in certain areas. Their goal is to get the skills needed to become an employee/Independent Contractor.

The Spa Owner Career Path – Step #2 Employee | Independent Contractor

Employees or ICs as I like to call them, they’re not the same according to law, but for our career path, they are the same. Just make sure we do acknowledge that independent contractors come and go as I please set their own schedule, they contract with our business owners, they are business owners in their own right. But, for the sake of our CEO career path, we’re going to group hem together.

These are the ones that get paid for their work. They are not the ultimate decision maker, they have little to no control of the overall business. So, they have control of their portion of the business but, not the overall business. For example, they can say, “I want to block out this time” But, they can say “I don’t want to work that time.”

The Spa Owner Career Path – Step #3 Self Employed

The next level is Self Employed. Self Employed means that you’re doing work you love, you work hard, you’re honing your service. They trade time for money. So this is people who again, they do a service, they get money for it, they can’t pass on the business or sell it.

They’ve made a great career for themselves. They’ve made this career and they need clients to survive. Their goal is replacing a nine to five job for more freedom or replacing an employee position for more freedom and in having more control. The majority of people in the spa world stay forever in this spot. There is nothing wrong with that. However, you have to decide if you want to move to the next level.

The Spa Owner Career Path – Step #4 Manager | Director

The next level is a Manager or Director. A manager is in charge. They’ll set priorities and policies. A manager will react and make decisions in the moment.

I’ll give you an example. A client came out after seeing one of our most popular therapists and she said “I just can’t relax with her. I didn’t enjoy my experience.” Kristen, without missing a beat, she says “Okay, I’m gonna give you $10 off. I’m gonna book you with this next therapist. We’re gonna give you $10 off that one. Let’s try out another one and see what you think.” Because that’s how a manager reacts in that situation. When you’re managing, typically it’s not when you are doing services.

The Spa Owner Career Path – Step #5 CEO

The highest level of business is becoming a CEO. A CEO is the highest ranking member of an organization. They’re responsible for the overall success of the organization. They are the ultimate authority outside of the board of directors and shareholders. CEOs are accountable to those Board of Directors, owner shareholders. They develop long term plans, their goal is increasing ownership and owner value.

Lessons From a CEO

A CEO creates and executes the company’s vision, evaluates senior management, looks at business trends, competitors and expanding markets. They are socially responsible for where the company does business and how it does business. The CEO realizes they can’t do everything, or even manage everything, so they have learned to delegate.

To be the president of the company is a very lonely position. You don’t get “Atta Girls” and you don’t get “Good Jobs”. You don’t get someone praising you. Your satisfaction comes from seeing the growth of the people below you. You have to let someone else’s success be the reward. If you can’t do this, you should stay self-employed.

The #1 Key to Success at Any Stage

Mindset is everything. If you have an ownership mindset, if you have a CEO mindset you will do well. It means number one, you’re making decisions not based on emotion, but based on actual facts and data. Second, delegating the right areas is very vital to a leadership role. That doesn’t mean that you don’t step in where you’re needed sometimes. But, it’s very vital.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is titles do matter. But, your attitude when you say it also matters. And also when you’re within a company use that title wisely. Yeah, don’t know they’re not slaves. Just because you’re a business owner does not mean the employees are slaves. No. Titles do matter. You just have to carry it with confidence and know how to address it.

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This article was taken from Episode 124 of the Spapreneur Podcast™ and written by Savannah Cochran Content Manager with Spaprenuer®