How Little Changes Bring Big Results as a Spa Business Owner


You will often find that small changes you make in your business and personal life have the biggest impact. We know because we’ve done it and seen some amazing results. In this article, we’re talking about the 10% goal when it comes to change and sharing some great examples of small changes you can implement today that are guaranteed to transform not only your business, but your personal life too. Believe me y’all, this works.


The Power of Habit

The key points from this article are taken from the lessons about small changes I learned by reading a book called The Power of Habit. I have read this book multiple times throughout the years. It has taught me valuable lessons on the power of habits. One of the things he discovered in his research is there’s something called a keystone habit. And that if you change this one habit, a lot of other negative habits are changed.


A Powerful Example

In the book you find an example of a woman. She was depressed, going through divorce and financially in trouble. The woman decided to go to Egypt for vacation. She went to see the pyramids. And while she was there, she decided I’m going to travel across this giant desert. The woman stopped and realized she couldn’t do this. The reason she couldn’t was because of her bad habit of smoking. So she quit smoking. She lost 100 pounds. She got remarried and started to change her life all because she decided to stop smoking. Keystone habit. Change that, change everything.


Big Picture or Little Picture?

I think sometimes we focus on the really big picture. I need to pay off $100,000 or I need to lose 100 pounds. And instead of saying “Okay, if I just tweaked one thing, what would that do for my business?” Or “What would that do for my life?”

This is 2020 when this comes out, in 2019 I decided to sign up for Pilates. Since then I have started to enjoy working out. My eating habits have gotten healthier and I even fit into brand new clothes! Little changes are the key. Maybe you want to look at your gift certificates and say I need a new design on this or I need a new color on these. Small changes just to change things up.


How We’ve Implemented Small Changes

Maybe changes as simple as changing the fragrance of the hand soap in the bathrooms. At Destress, first we had glass bottles sitting on the edge that were dangerous. So then we got the kind that are more elegant and screwing into the wall. But they’re a little bit hard to pump. But they make it look and feel good for our guests. It’s just a little change folks. A small change that cost us under 25 bucks. Now, maybe look at your lobby, and if you’ve got it all set up in a particular way and you’re just feeling a little bit stagnant, why not move some things around? I’ve talked about this in the past way back when moving things around, It’s not like you can’t move them back to where they were.


Your Schedule

Another place to consider is looking at your schedule and deciding to tighten it up. You may have a fear factor come up in this. But, if you tighten up that schedule, you’ll be amazed at how you’ll be more productive in all areas! You work the hours that you want to work. We’re in business because we want to work our way. We’re not at the mercy of the client. Please don’t forget that.

Core Values

I will say there are some changes that If they involve other people, you set a precedence. And you can’t go back and change them. I will give you a really firm example of this. One of our therapists decided that she was going to take the other therapist’s client because her’s was so late. And we asked her to leave our facility because of that. That’s a precedent set. That’s not something we’re going to go back and change. If another therapist takes another person’s client without pre approval, and I don’t care if you are my most wonderful employee, I’m going to have to ask you to leave. And this is because of the decisions we’ve made based on our core values.

Your Assignment

I want all of you reading this today to consider this question: What small changes can I make this week?  This might be waking up 15 minutes earlier. Another great change can be to send your spouse a small gift or buy their favorite food every once in a while. You would be surprised to see how it lights them up and improves your relationship. Or maybe you will take one of the suggestions we mentioned above and apply it to your business. You get to decide what works best for you.


One last note

The bottom line is making small changes can lead to big life and business changes. It all comes down to habits. What habits will you commit to today? What do you want your future to look like? 

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This article was taken from Episode 118 of the Spapreneur Podcast™ and written by Savannah Cochran Content Manager with Spaprenuer®