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Client Retention is a Key Metric for Business Success

Knowing your business and practitioners' retention rates will get you started on business success. Enter your name and email address below to start on the path to success.

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Focus on client retention with your staff and yourself, and you'll be amazed at how full your appointment books will be and how much more money you'll make.

Ramona Rice, Spapreneur®

When You Get the Calculator You'll Also Get
the Six Pillars Series


Do you have the mindset needed for being a business owner and CEO? Spapreneur®'s Six Pillars Series will help you get your mind in the business success frame of mind.


It's rule #1 in Spapreneur® for a reason because money isn't evil but a necessity for living. This pillar will help you make money the best part of your business.


You need money in order for a business to function, which means having clients. But clients can be tricky. It's why this pillar helps support growing your client base.

Systems & Processes

The biggest obstacle to growth isn't a lack of money or time, but a lack of repeatable systems to make your business function. This pillar is all about what and how to systemize the way you do business.


How are you reaching your community?  You don't need a lot of money, but a better plan to improve your outreach. It's not just about marketing.


The most personal of the pillars, every business should be looking forward to. Yet that forward motion is different for each Spapreneur®. This pillar will help you identify where to head next.

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