21 Things to Delegate as a Spapreneur® CEO





Are you the CEO of your business? Do you find yourself overwhelmed with to-dos at home and at work? Do you wish you had more time in the day? If so It’s time to start delegating non-CEO tasks. Today’s topic is 21 things you should consider either outsourcing or delegating to somebody else to help you have more CEO time in your business.


What I have learned

I personally delegate a lot of things out because my area of expertise is actually talking to you about running your businesses. It’s no longer actually doing the blog posts, the podcast editing, or the marketing. I can do those things. I can do those things fairly well. But it’s not my zone of genius. I’ve hired people who do this for a living. This is what their love affair is. And they’re excellent at it.

Your first step is realizing that there are some things you’re just not as good at (or even really bad at) That’s okay, because you’re really good at something else. And so it’s important for you to learn the things you need to delegate. I want you to consider putting together a plan so that in 6 months from now you have marked a few of these things off your plate. I want to see you experience having more time to build your business or better yet, take a worry-free vacation.

Number One | Cleaning

Now I put this number one because I hate cleaning. I hate it so much if I’m about to put my house on the market. I just don’t want to deal with the cleaning of my house. So, I’m gonna hire professionals to do that same thing with the day spa. If you are kind of like me and we don’t notice cobwebs and we don’t know those kinds of things or if it’s simply taking too much time for you to complete, hire someone to do that for you.

Even if it’s just once a week deep clean and you do the in between stuff. Because there are still days where Yes, I’m having to scrub the toilet or I’m having to vacuum and that’s okay. It’s just that there are other things I should and can be doing. So, we have someone to help with that. So cleaning, it could be a once a week clean, it could be a monthly really good deep clean. It could be again a daily assistant, that’s what we finally have gone to because we’re so busy.
But, it’s important to get that out of the way because you know, you may spend an hour a week cleaning, that’s an hour you could take another client or you could put together a marketing plan.

Number Two | Laundry

In this business, I swear we keep tide detergent in business. We must deal with the amount of laundry detergent we use. And so we switched to a laundry service. Now it is expensive. And we are actually looking because we use so many sheets at bringing back some of the stuff in house and doing some cost comparison. But, even if you just do laundry every other week it would save you a ton of time! I remember actually my mom used to delegate that laundry to my sister and I. She’d bring home and like plastic trash bags never used for trash of all of her sheets and we would be at home washing them while we watch TV. Do we get paid for that? No. Because that was just being the kid of a person starting a business. But, you know that laundry is time consuming and takes effort. Getting my staff to do laundry is like making a child who doesn’t want to eat Brussel sprouts eat Brussel sprouts. It’s painful and unnecessary. Because there’s another way to do it. So just keep this task in mind.

Number Three | Restocking

This is restocking supplies, restocking retail items etc. While this is something you can easily do, It’s time consuming. Sam’s has saved me a ton of time, with certain items that I need for my family I need for my business and it comes magically, once or twice a month, every six months. Whenever I need it. So, this can be applied in your life and business.

Number Five | Confirmation Calls

This is calling back clients and all those kinds of calls. These are definite things you can and should delegate to someone else. I’m a firm believer in the first hire you should make is not necessarily another practitioner, It is someone to manage your front desk. Why? Let’s use it for this example: Optometrists, Dentists, Doctors in general and their offices. Do they ever run their front desk? No, because they are doctors and optometrists, they’re busy, right? They’re seeing patients. The patients know that the doctor is focused on helping them solve their problem. Any discussion of money and payments are handled at the front desk.

I believe the reason we have such a high percentage of retention is not only because I drill it into my massage therapists until they probably want to puke. The front desk sets them up, we finish them off. Also, I know especially a lot of you, my Spapreneurs, you do not like to sell to your clients and you don’t have to if you have a front desk. This is something I truly believe in. Along with confirmation calls, you should have someone checking clients in and out.

Number Six | Gift Card Sales

Again, you should be spending your time either in the treatment room or working on your business which means guess what you’re not in your business selling gift cards. It doesn’t mean that I don’t sell a ton of gift cards. It just means that I am utilizing my priorities in a better way.

Number Eight | Your Website

For the glory of God… stop using those free websites the association’s give you that look like crap. They’re not good for SEO. People aren’t going to find them and you can’t utilize all the tools available. Hire someone to build you a WordPress site. It can be expensive, because I just redid my website and it was about $5,000. But it’s worth it because it’s custom. And it’s exactly what I want. If you must you can also use square, you can use Squarespace and Wix. There are other better options. Know that you will have to invest into this. And if possible, utilize somebody to help. Beth Patton has a company called Manatee Digital media. She actually builds websites for massage therapists. So if you want to support one of my Spapreneurs, check her out. She’s great.

Number Nine | Social Media

Now, this doesn’t mean that I think that you shouldn’t have a part in your social media because there’s certain aspects of your personality that should shine through. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t write these captions and then hire a virtual assistant to schedule them. Or, you know, you do it in a way where you borrow something. For example, as part of my mastermind, and my private coaching clients, you get 30 captions and images a month from me. So, that’s something they can just copy, paste and move on and schedule. You can also allow your staff to have access to social media, so it could be more fun and stories and things like that. So please consider that.

Number Ten | Working With Clients

That’s right, I paused. This is a big one. I know a lot of you are thinking, “Wait a minute. If I don’t work with clients, I don’t make any money.” Okay, here’s the deal. I feel like I live a very successful lifestyle. I have not massaged anybody professionally since 2003. Yet I own one of the most popular day spas in Virginia. If not the country, I can say it because how else would I know? Seriously. You have to know what you’re good at. And oftentimes, it’s not necessarily working with clients in general. You can and should step out and become a full time CEO.

For those of you who really want to specialize in something, stop taking the clients that you don’t want to do anymore. So let’s say you want to be a relaxation specialist. That’s where your heart is calling. You want to relax stressed out people. Oftentimes that means you’re probably not going to be that neuromuscular specialist, for example. Nothing wrong with that at all. I am saying that you can’t be relaxed during a neuromuscular session. I’m just saying that’s likely not going to be something you offer. So because of that, you may want to hire somebody in to handle those calls.

For example, one of my Spapreneurs Autumn Hodak, she is the cutest
Person on the planet. She’s in Illinois and she wants to specialize. She is an aesthetician in Illinois, who specializes in only acne cases. So when she gets someone looking for help aging beautifully, she says, “I’m not your girl, let me refer you to somebody else.” Or Autumn eventually can partner with somebody and outsource that. So, just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should. That also includes client client care.

Number Eleven | Graphic Design

I love going Canva just as much as the next person. It’s super fun and easy. But for big jobs, I use a company called Brand Strong. (By the way, I am not getting any affiliate links off these links. So if I recommend them, it’s because I actually use it) This company is based out of Australia, they use Filipino and I believe Thai designers and I’ve never had a bad experience from them. All of my brochures, all of my printouts all of my everything for de stress is done through this company.

Or for example, if you’re noticing some great new images for Spaprenuer that are done by my marketing manager, Savannah. This is what she does for a living. I’m not doing a lot of graphic design work anymore because, while I’m good at it, It’s not where my heart is calling me to be and is not where my business needs me to be. So I am outsourcing that.

Number Twelve | Payroll

Gusto payroll used to be a sponsor of this podcast called ADP Payroll. They are great. There is also QuickBooks payroll. You can find so many places that do payroll. It will save you so much money in the long run, because of the time saved just the time saved. So I’m telling you, please, please, please look into payroll services.

Number Thirteen | Chores at Home

Are you a working full time mama bear? Guess what, if you have babies at home, those babies need to get their butts to work. They can do things like sort laundry, they can do things like make their beds, they can do things like make their own lunches, once they get old enough. They don’t have to do all of the chores, but they can do some of the chores. And they can lighten your load. Or you need to set aside money in your budget and have a weekly cleaning service, because you deserve it. There’s nothing wrong with that. Because guess what, there’s somebody out there and they love their job. And they have all these concoctions and cocktails for cleaning. And I say, Yes Please! Hire someone else to do it and be done so that when you’re off, you can actually be off.

Number Fourteen | Data Entry

So if you have any kind of data entry clients soap notes, email address, that kind of thing. hire someone to do it again, your front desk team can handle all that if you want to. But you can also hire a college student, you could hire a VA to do this kind of thing for you. This will be a huge time saver.

Number Fifteen | An Accountant

I will tell you that an accountant is one of the greatest things you can ever employ. Because it is the accountant that’s going to tell you when you’ve made too much money and should go spend some money on your business. They may even tell you you can buy a $10,000 hydraulic table that literally happened to one of my Spapreneurs. Find an accountant who can help you catch errors in your past taxes and help you get better refunds. Make sure that you do your research and find someone that works with you.


Number Sixteen | Legal

You should not do your own legal anything. I don’t care about Legal Zoom. I think it’s full of S*&#. The guy that defended OJ Simpson founded it. (And I’m sorry but, we all know how that turned out.) I love hiring good lawyers. You want to find something that’s specific for what you’re looking for. For example, I was looking for somebody to help me with the trademark for Spapreneur. I have the copyright to Spapreneur. Now I own the register mark. I hired someone to do it. It was about $5,000. It wasn’t cheap but it was worth it. Because I didn’t have to do the work and I own the trademark.

If you think, “I don’t really need a lawyer.” Yes, you do. If you run into any kind of contract situations, for example, you’re taking clients and you’re not having them sign a waiver of liability, or Terms of Service, you can get screwed in the end. It’s so important even if you just hire somebody to help you with those things.

Number Seventeen | Human Resources

This one touches my heart so much. We had the most amazing human resources consultant that worked with us. And she sadly passed away in April of COVID. Julie Woodward is her name. I kept wanting to get her on the podcast. We just never got around to it. But she helped with finding massage therapists, finding front desk people, and she would even help get the interviews. So you want to find someone like that. Human Resources is one of those areas where it is definitely worth it to outsource or delegate.

Number Eighteen | Computer Support

Computers are one of those things. You have to have one to work. It’s really important to have somebody that’s an expert. Trust me from experience, it’s much better than wasting like two or three hours on YouTube!

Number Nineteen | Networking Events

Yes, you can delegate these out, or you can drop them entirely. If I go to a networking event, I’m not necessarily looking for new DeStress Express clients. Instead, what I’m looking for is my next great massage therapist. So if I don’t think that I can find someone there, I’m not going to that event. But, a lot of times we’ll donate to charities and if I don’t want to go to this event, oftentimes I’ll give those tickets to my staff. They love it and I get to stay home in my jammies.

Number Twenty | The full Schedule Method

That is my exclusive way of getting clients back. I love doing the full schedule method. My team took it away from me, and I’m still mad at them. But it was the right call, because I had other things I should be doing. The full schedule method is one email, one hour and one full schedule. We’ll be having a new session of that coming up really soon. If you’re part of this popular Alliance group. I’ll announce that in there. By the way… if you’re not a part of Spapreneur Alliance yet, you’re missing out!


Number Twenty-One | Research

For example we’re working on right now, moving all of our forms online. So I put it on Kristin to do a lot of research. I’m helping, but she’s doing a bulk of it. And it’s really helpful. She’s also doing research on finding out which candle supplier we’re going to make our holiday candles from this year. Research like that should always be outsourced. It’s better to hand that off to somebody else and let them go down the rabbit hole.

Your Assignment

Don’t be overwhelmed by all of the ways to delegate. I want you to ask yourself, “What will my life look like?” Would it mean that you could leave early enough to pick up your kids after school? Would it mean that you could add that Pilates class or yoga class you want to? Maybe you could squeeze in two more clients a week and that can make the difference between you being a five figure business or a six figure business? These are the questions you have to ask yourself. This will help you to see the value in taking action and investing in your business.

Then I want you to choose 3-5 things from this list to apply this month.