How We Made 25k in 4 Days with our Email List!

Email list
Email list


Have you found yourself in a situation needing to bring in revenue fast for your spa business? What should you do? How can you possibly bring in extra money in addition to your current revenue? In this article, we share our experience and show you how we brought in $25,000 in cash fast. 


Spoiler Alert

We recently had a situation arise for our de-stress spa in which we needed a new website and app. The cost was going to be about $4,000. We had to get to work. Spoiler alert! We raised $25,000 in just four days! Using our email list, we ran a flash sale in which you could get six massages for the price of five. Even though that was not as much money as we would have received had we sold the package at full price, it gave us an influx of cash in a shorter period of time. People were excited, on schedule, and it kept our massage therapists busy. 



Please note: This is an amazing method for boosting your cash flow and giving you added security for slower times. However, you should not use this method too frequently because you will become the “coupon” of your local message area. 


The key to our success

What was the key to our success? Was it because we informed people in advance? No, it was a flash sale. The time to take advantage of the sale was strictly four days. Three emails were sent to our email list, and one Facebook post was targeted and boosted. That was it.


Bonus Strategy 

Another great bonus was having our amazing front desk staff. They were continually asking, “have you heard about the 6 for 5 deal?”, and “Are you interested in the new 6 for 5 deal? We’re only offering it for four days.” This helped tremendously to increase our dollar amount, that last stretch to hit $25,000. If you are a single massage therapist, you can still implement this with all of your clients. 


Power in an email list

How can you take advantage of running a flash sale like ours? The key is to have an email list. Our email list is now close to 9,000 emails. There is no better time to begin working on yours than right now! How can you build up your email list? Simply ask for emails. Each new client is asked for their email when filling out an intake form. Our front desk staff will contact the customer if it is not written down to make sure it gets put into our system. We also ask for their email after every purchase from our office.


Demand Force

If you are in need of a great system for keeping track of emails and phone numbers for confirmation times, you can check out Demand Force. This is what we use in our spa business and it works wonders.For those further advanced in their business, we have implemented a system that you may be interested in. We have weekly check-ins with our massage therapists to see their available openings and only email their clients those specific times. After implementing this consistently for a couple of months now, we are able to fill all empty spots for the following weeks. With Demand Force you can do the same. 


Important Reminder


Remember the other day when Facebook and Instagram shut down? As a small business owner, you absolutely must have an email list to protect yourself in those types of situations. You always need a space that you own to communicate with your clients because let’s face it, we don’t own Facebook; Mark Zuckerberg does. At any time we could lose our entire client base and advertising work that we have put into a social media channel. The one thing we will not lose, however, is the email addresses and the ability to communicate with our clients directly. 


Your next step

If you are feeling overwhelmed in where to start in getting your email list built, or you need help in running your own flash sale to bring in more revenue, please reach out and book a time to talk Ramona directly, yes directly! 

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