Money and Mindset Moves for Business and Life Success


On today’s episode of the Spapreneur® Podcast, Emily King is our guest. We’re talking about how to increase your bottom line by aligning your money story with your prices.

Emily is a wealth & abundance coach for entrepreneurial women and the founder of The Rich Woman signature coaching program. Since 2015 she’s worked with 100’s of women to help them create a loving relationship with money so they can massively increase their income and impact. Armed with an MBA and certifications as an NLP practitioner, timeline therapist, and pilates instructor (yes–all those things!), Emily brings the perfect mix of manifesting-woo and business chops to the table to help women across the world live their best ‘Rich Woman’ lives – a life of financial freedom, fulfillment and fun.

Topics Covered

  • Money is Our Favorite
  • The Fear and Judgment of making Money
  • Why the Spa industry is afraid of making money
  • Don’t spend your client’s money for them
  • How to release the guilt of charging what you should
  • How to get free of the fear of making money
  • Lots of different ways to bring in more money, without charging more
  • You can’t wait until you’re comfortable raising your rates
  • Every dollar that comes into your being needs to have a purpose
  • Go for the big goal – it’s okay
  • Being successful doesn’t mean you’re not afraid
  • Money personality types

Resources Mentioned