SEO Tactics that Work to Promote Your Local Business

SEO tactics

In today’s episode of the Spapreneur® Podcast, we have Jarod Spiewak from CometFuel, and he’s talking all about SEO.

Jarod is the founder and lead strategist of Comet Fuel, a boutique, a strategy-first marketing agency that helps exceptional businesses fuel long-term growth without typical agency BS.

Jarod got his start in the world of marketing at the age of 14 by needing to figure out how to make money online to pay for college, which he started attending at 15 years old, after months of writing content for less than $0.01 per word and working for next to free through Craigslist “gigs.”

Several “real jobs” and years later, after working as the lead strategist for a marketing agency and as a contractor to several other agencies… Jarod didn’t feel like the agency he wanted to work for existing, so he started it instead.

A boutique agency values results, honest communication, transparency, education, and cutting through the BS. Over the past few years, Comet Fuel (formerly Blue Dog Media) has successfully managed over $10MM in advertising spend and has returned millions of dollars in profit to their clients.

Topics Covered

  • Background in SEO that made major changes
  • Why SEO is important in small business marketing
  • Yes, Google is King of the Organic Search
  • Use all the Google Tools available
  • Google looks different depending on the search
  • Maps more important than Organic Reach
  • To test your search go into incognito mode
  • How do you climb to the top of search
  • It would be best if you built your SEO equity
  • Use your niche to build search equity
  • Onsite and off-site
  • People write questions in the search bar

Resources Mentioned