On today’s episode of the Spapreneur® Podcast, we have Ross Kimbarovsky from Crowdspring! We discuss the importance of having strong branding and design in all aspects of your business.

Ross founded and is the CEO at Crowdspring. More than 220,000 experienced freelancers help businesses, entrepreneurs, agencies, and non-profits with high-quality custom logo design, web design, graphic design, product design, and company naming services. Crowdspring has worked with the world’s best brands, including Amazon, LG, Starbucks, Microsoft, Barilla, Philips, and many of the world’s best agencies – and tens of thousands of entrepreneurs and startups. Before founding Crowdspring, Ross practiced law for 13 years as a successful trial attorney. Fun fact: there’s a rumor that Ross left his law practice in 2007 to found Crowdspring so that he could wear shorts to work. That rumor is true.

Topics Covered

  • Why Ross left the courtroom to start a branding company
  • Ramona accidentally stole Safeway’s logo
  • Why cheap design costs
  • The problem with sloppy design
  • Give your clients a brand identity
  • A logo creates an emotional reaction and an expectation
  • Don’t hide your personality
  • Mistakes with Brand Voice
  • Know who your customer is
  • SWOT!
  • Your business can’t be rescued with great branding
  • Your brand voice also includes your recruitment of your team members

Resources Mentioned