Become a Spa Business CFO With Erinn Bridgman



Women & generational wealth will change the world. As women, we can sometimes struggle with the idea of being wealthy. “In order to become wealthy women we have to do some internal work” – Erinn Bridgman 


Erinn’s Story 


Erinn succeeded in becoming a wealthy photographer and then transitioned into another 6 figure business run with her husband. “We came to a crossroads,” Erinn says. With $18,000 in the bank Erinn and her husband had the choice of paying off 1 student loan or making an investment in order to make enough to pay off all of their student loans. This is how Erinn’s real estate empire came to be in 2014.


Risk can be Scary 

As an entrepreneur you have to become comfortable with risk. “When you finally make that big brave decision, you can’t wait. Because if you wait that fear will come crawling back in and root deeper” -Ramona Rice


Common Money Mistakes 


“I’m not a numbers person” is a common limiting belief. Numbers & money are skills you learn. Not skills you are born with. You need the tools and the education. Once you see yourself 

taking action you will gain confidence. Think about it this way…

“I’ve never heard a man say that!” – Ramona Rice 


Stay the CFO


Even if and when you hire a bookkeeper you are still CFO. As a spa business CFO you must know & understand your numbers. Ask yourself “How can I start having my business fund my personal life?” With a wise budget you can take your extra money and invest back into yourself. 

“We need our money to work with us” – Ramona Rice


Erinn’s Program


Erinn’s Money Mastermind allows you to become a confident CFO of your business and learn to attract, retain, and manage your money while building your wealth. Erinn has earned Ramona’s seal of approval. Like Ramona, Erinn wants to help you make all of your money dreams come true!




This article was taken from Episode 175 of the Spapreneur Podcast™ and written by Savannah Cochran Content Manager with Spaprenuer®