spapreneur episode 146


On today’s episode of the Spapreneur® Podcast, we have the fantastic Mindy Totten as our guest. Mindy’s mission is to help other massages and bodywork therapists build profitable businesses so they could serve more people AND make a great living doing it. Through her private mentoring, group coaching programs, and as host of the Do It With Intention podcast, she’s here to show bodyworkers how to build practices that they love — all without burning out or selling out. When she’s not helping big-hearted therapists create their dream practices, you can find her doing renovations on her beach place, hanging out with her remarkable redbone coonhound, George, or bingeing episodes of Outlander.

Topics Covered

  • Connections that are meant to be
  • Teaching led to massage discovery.
  • You don’t have to be everything to everyone.
  • Find one thing you’re good at and focus on that.
  • Don’t cram everything into your business card
  • When you’re not passionate about a modality don’t do it
  • If you’re dreading the client you got to fix it
  • Share the results, not the science
  • Are you keeping the client out of fear or joy?
  • Know about yourself and honor your choices
  • Should you go broad or deep?
  • The great awakening from COVID-19

Resources mentioned