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I am so excited for you, my Spapreneurs! Today we are talking about all things Instagram marketing. Are you ready to grow your spa business on Instagram? Then this is the article for you! This article is taken from my interview with Elicia Crook. Elicia is a Massage therapist, business coach, author & mentor to hundreds of therapists worldwide. Elicia has been enjoying business success over 16 years & now teaches solo therapists and clinic owners how to build successful businesses & live life on their terms.


Instagram Is a Game Changer – For Who? 

Instagram is a game changer for small business owners. That is you, my Spapreneurs!

I know that Facebook can be comfortable and easy. Instagram might seem overwhelming and new. But, if your target market is on this platform (Hint: It is) then it is worth the effort to take advantage of the opportunity. This article will help you do just that!


Instagram is like a Porsche or Rolls Royce – Elicia Crook

“I think Instagram is a little bit like a Porsche or Rolls Royce.” – Elicia Crook 

If Instagram is like a classy car, Facebook is a utility vehicle. You can throw anything on Facebook. Whereas Instagram you can like and follow and unfollow people all the time. And they do. So think about it like it’s a little bit classier, it’s a little bit sexier. And you’ll find Instagram a little bit more manual as well. 


What should you post?

We’ve got to think a little bit less literal when it comes to advertising massage and services like these. You obviously can not share customers getting these services. It’s also not possible to share before and after photos.

So instead think, what are some things around your massage clinic that look amazing? And it could be the way you roll your towels. It could be you setting up your table. Because we think who cares? But, your clients don’t see the fact that you are removing linen and putting it back on and making it tidy and clean. It could be you doing a fast video or time lapse video of you rolling your towels. It could be you know doing a stretch having your own message. If you’ve got a team, you can take a photo or take a selfie of yourself on the table, you know, cover the right bits up. But it also then says hey look, I get massages too. And these teams that I train are pretty darn amazing. You should come and have a treatment with them.


And all you’re doing is just taking what you do in the treatment room and showing that to people before they even come in so they can get us an experience of what you do before they even come in and actually experience who you are. Don’t be afraid to show your personality through your feed! 


How Often to Post

Alicia recommends posting every day. If you can post every day, all the better. Just be sure to remain consistent with whichever you choose. To make things easier you can use any of the scheduling platforms to batch and plan out your content. Contrary to what some say, this will not hurt your engagement or anything else inside of Instagram.


Using Instagram’s IGTV 

IGTV is a feature that allows users to watch long-form, vertical videos from popular creators. It has its own app, but you can also watch it from within your Instagram app. IGTV videos can be up to an hour long. This is a great place to put your live videos so that they can be found again and again. On Instagram’s IGTV you can post educational content for your followers. 


Using Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels are Instagram’s defense or response to TikTok’s domination. This is your chance to have fun with your content. Reels are short videos around 1 minute. And you can repurpose your TikTok videos for your reels so easily! Instagram will reward you with more engagement for showing up on Reels. So, what are you waiting for?


Using Instagram Stories 

Have a really epic photo of his morning avocado toast? Excite about a new product in your product line up? This is the place to put it! These stories only last 24 hours but they are a great chance to connect with your followers one-on-one! Instagram will see who watches your stories and will show them more of your content. Alicia Suggest keeping at least 3 story slides running a day. Remember though that it can be easy and simple things like what you are doing that day at the spa, a poll, or even a funny story. 


How to get more followers

If you are just getting started and looking for more followers on Instagram, there are some simple ways to grow. The first method is to follow 100 new accounts everyday. How do you find the accounts? For example, look up your favorite local café. See who follows that café and follow 100 of those. You will find that some of these will become followers of you as well. This should only take around 15 minutes a day. Remember to support other spa and wellness professionals as well. Like, share and follow their content and take inspiration from them!

For example, @queendom_astetics on Instagram is amazing! That is the first person I want you to follow.


The second helpful method is to follow 10 relevant local hashtags and choose 10 posts a day to interact with. Figure out what are local hashtags that are complimentary to your business. Don’t just take, add something to the conversation. Add value and support other businesses. 


The Bottom Line

Show your personality, stick to your core values and keep it simple. But, by all means take advantage of this awesome marketing opportunity that is Instagram! 


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This article was taken from Episode 170 of the Spapreneur Podcast™ and written by Savannah Cochran Content Manager with Spaprenuer®