Stop Being Intimidated by Numbers!





“It’s your job to know””

As the owner of your spa business, it is your job to know your numbers.  If you don’t know your numbers, you don’t know your problems. You can’t let the fear of finding out where your issues lie keep you from knowing your numbers. If you do, you are not protecting yourself. In fact, things will most likely get worse.

numbers for spa owner

The Key to Your Success

The key to your business success is really knowing your numbers. With the knowledge you have power. You have the ability to manage cash flow within your business. You should be “Smoothing out your numbers every month. If you have had a long-standing fear of this, it might be better to do this every week to start. This will take some of the pressure off working your numbers and help you to better manage your cash flow.


That Dreaded Question

I absolutely hate getting the question: What should I charge? Because in order to answer that question the right way you have to know YOUR numbers. You cannot base your prices off of anyone else.  You will also need to have a firm grip on your worth. Consider what you are offering and it’s value.


“Don’t go it alone”

It’s important to know that you don’t have to go it alone. In fact, you shouldn’t be! Hire a great CPA or accountant. A bookkeeper is also a good place to start out. However, remember that knowing your numbers is still your responsibility.  Hiring someone to help you with your accounting does not take that away from you as a Spa Business CEO.


For more wonderful education on overcoming this fear visit Tracey Bissett‘s YouTube Channel and listen to Episode 147 of The Spapreneur Podcast!