Why you need a Business Plan


Do you have a spa business plan? At times we entrepreneurs and creators decide to become massage therapists or estheticians and start our own spas. Our driving force is usually that we want to help other people and want more flexible hours in our work. While that is great, those are only hopes and ambitions not a solid plan.


Our Story

When Lynn Graves and Ramona started De Stress Express over twenty years ago, she made smart moves. Through the local chamber of commerce, she was able to take a course about planning a business. The ten week course taught her how to put a plan together and gave her a roadmap to always know where she was going with her business and what changes to make. This is what a good business plan can do. 


Don’t be afraid of to plan

Business Plan might sound like a very serious or scary word. No one likes to make a business plan, or if you do, you would be the exception. However, in a class like this you will be working alongside like minded people. You all share the same goals. You want to become successful. This makes the classes more engaging and you are unlikely to become bored. Reach out to your local colleges, better business bureau, or chamber of commerce to see if they offer a business class or this type of education.


Business plans at any stage

The same tools that you use to build your initial business plan can help you when planning out your future at any stage of business, whether it’s a new line of products, or further expansion. We’ve gone through all of these things, and each time created a plan. No matter where you are in the stage of your spa business or massage career, there are benefits to taking a break and building out your plan. Even if it’s as simple as starting with what your financial goals are, what your marketing goals need to be in order to reach those financial goals, and then what your retention goals are (how you attain the clients that you get from marketing).


Plan for mentorship

As you go along in business, make sure that you always have set in your plan a diverse team of mentors: at least four or five people in your life and business that you can agree to disagree with; people who have been where you are presently, and where you want to be in the future; someone who is willing to tell you like it is and give advice to help you avoid the common mistakes and pitfalls that are prevalent in our spa business industry. With a mentorship team in place and your homework done to build out your plan, you will have a successful and thriving business. 


Your next step

There’s no one who can truly understand better where you are and what you’re going through as a spa-preneur than another spa-preneur. Go right now to join our community. It is a closed and private group. No one can see what you are posting. There is no judgment. This is a place for all of us to go where we can vent, ask for advice, and receive encouragement in our building journey.