Planning your Quarterly Goals


In this article we are going over the lessons learned from episode 151 of the Spapreneur® Podcast. Ramona is talking about how she’s setting her quarterly focus and how you can too. She’s introducing you to a new tool she’s invented and how it can help you set goals for your business.


Smart Steps

When planning your quarterly focus both professionally and personally to have to take smart steps. There are good systems and tools you can use. One common tool is a SWOT analysis is a common strategic business planning tool that involves composing a list of four elements (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.) I don’t really like that method. So, I created my own.



The first step in planning for your next quarter is gathering data. Take a look at last year’s/quarter’s data. Consider the full picture of all your numbers and events that happened. This includes the good, bad, and the ugly. Here is where my system comes in to play. I affectionately call it the GOBU Method (Good – Okay – Bad – Ugly)

Take all of the past data into account and divide it all into the GOBU method.


The Great Column

The first column is probably obvious. It’s all of the great thing that happened in the past quarter. Did you reach a goal? Did you get fully booked? Pay off a loan/earn back an investment? Put it all here. Don’t be humble!


The Okay Column

This is this the place to put those things that are average.  Did you maintain your client retention rate? Did you meet your income goal? Whatever it is, after you place it here think to yourself: How can I make this better?  We will use those answers later.


The Bad Column

Here is the place to put the not-so-great things. These are things that sucked for your business in the past quarter. Did you owe taxes? Did you find yourself with a lot of open slots in your calendar? The fact is we will always face some kind of obstacle in business. The important question is: Is this something I can Improve? If so, ask: What can I do to turn this into an okay column item?



The Ugly…

The ugly is the things you cannot control or fix. The things that can’t be changed could include a breakup or something really ugly like getting sued. This is the place to put those things that just need to sit for now.



Make Your Goals

From all of the information you gathered, I only want you to choose 3-5 things. These 3-5 things will be your focus for the next quarter. I tell you to limit your goals because it will help you successfully accomplish what you are planning.



Your Assignment

My challenge to you is:

Plan 2 hours a day to work on your 3-5 goals for the entire next quarter!


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This article was taken from Episode 151 of the Spapreneur® Podcast and written by Savannah Cochran, Content Manager with Spapreneur®