Using Products to Bring in More Revenue



Important product selling considerations for spas

The revenue that spas can generate from products can be the difference between just making ends meet and the kind of profit you can put back into your business to expand it. With products you increase your revenue! As a bonus you also add value to your clients’ experience. You are able to able to expand the spa atmosphere beyond the walls of your salon or spa. This episode’s guest, The Product Boss will help you choose the best product lines and learn how to effectively sell them to grow your business even further. It’s an episode you don’t want to miss!

Why selling products along with your service is important

When clients are comfortable and have fewer worries, they are often more willing to relax and really focus on getting what they need out of a visit to your spa. If you offer products along with services, your clients can take that experience home with them—and experience it over and over again. Products can extend your service offerings in a variety of ways. They can also provide an excellent source of recurring revenue if purchased repeatedly.

How to get clients to buy products

The name of a product alone does not entice clients to buy. It’s what it does. If you can show customers how products will improve their skin, help them relax and feel better or improve their day-to-day health, then they will be more inclined to invest in your spa’s products. The most important thing is to make sure your customers are aware of what it is that you are offering with each type of spa product that you carry.

What you look for when picking a product line for your spa

1. Relationship – you have to have a solid relationship with your vendor that is based on trust, an open line of communication and mutual respect 2. When picking a vendor there are many options, different sizes of companies and people who make products. You want someone you can work with, who understands what it takes to run a spa and has quality products that are proven to sell in the spa market.

A good sales rep is everything

Pick a rep you trust and respect. Choose someone who knows your business better than anyone and can talk shop with you. Make sure they are a good fit for your culture, as well as great at sales in general. A bad fit could lead to hundreds of wasted hours and an unhappy client. It’s like picking a marriage partner—it has to feel right, or it’s not going to work out. The sales rep is also responsible for delivering on any promises made by phone. If they do & don’t do reflects on your business.

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This article was taken from episode 157 of the Spapreneur Podcast