Growing Your Business with Rebecca Brumfield

Rebecca Brumfield


Are you feeling stuck on where to take your spa business? Are you ready to grow but you aren’t sure which direction to go? Rebecca Brumfield’s answer may just surprise you…

This article is everything you need to know about transitioning and downsizing. You will learn how sometimes growth comes with scaling back. It is taken from my interview with Rebecca Brumfield. Rebecca is passionate about helping women bodyworkers build successful businesses. She is also my good friend and I am so excited to share some of the valuable information we discussed in episode 171 of the Spapreneur® Podcast


“Success Is a Personal Metric.” – Ramona Rice

With everything that’s happened in the last two years, especially with our industry with COVID, we’re all starting to realize that to be successful has to be a personal choice. Because my version of success is again, the 7500 square foot spa, 30 member staff. Whereas Rebecca’s was “I don’t want to do any of that shit anymore.”


“I’m still discovering who I am and the type of life I want to live.” – Rebecca Brumfield 


I’ve always been constantly in transition, I don’t like being stuck in the same thing. But,  I never meant to grow from a one room facility to having a fully staffed Day Spa that just exploded overnight, and then wanting to take the roller coaster back down again. 


I was successful. But, I didn’t feel fulfilled, and I got diagnosed with high functioning anxiety. I was living my life for other people, really being a people pleaser. This was me making some business decisions out of desperation. I had to start saying yes to myself. I’m still transitioning, but people shouldn’t feel scared or nervous. You are never stuck. You’re under no obligation to be the person you were five minutes ago, if you don’t like something change it. If you don’t like that, change it again!


“It’s okay for you to set boundaries.” – Ramona Rice


It’s okay for you to set a boundary saying, you know, I don’t work on Sundays, or I don’t want to hire a staff. Or I don’t want to, you know, miss a kid’s baseball game. So I’m not gonna work on Saturday anymore. I mean, it’s perfectly okay to say, “I only want to do cranial sacral massage.” Or “I don’t want to do relaxation massages anymore, or I don’t want to do tissue” The question you need to be asking is: What do I actually want for my life?


My Mistakes – Rebecca Brumfield

Years ago, when I expanded it too much. I hired the wrong manager to run my business while I completely checked out because I was burnt out. I had a huge financial loss from that decision, and then COVID happened. So I’m like, What else could possibly happen? I somehow managed to weasel my way out of my very expensive lease, and I downsized. This helped me go from having six treatment rooms down to three super tiny ones.


I found a sublease. But, I was still miserable the whole time. I was still letting my employees get away with stuff that they shouldn’t have. A couple of them are bickering with each other both for good reason. I had to step in and do a lot of damage control. And I thought, Am I an adult babysitter? That was pretty much my job title. I was sick of it. 


Match Your Goals to Your Core Values – Rebecca Brumfield

My goals in the past couple years have been monetary goals, and there’s nothing wrong with that at all. But, my monetary goals and my life values did not match up. One of my core values is community. One is freedom. Another is trust. I had none of these in my office. 


If you had one or two or even three employees screw you over, don’t project their mistakes and their pain and their trauma that they caused you onto a new employee. They don’t deserve that. 

Because if we do, you’re just setting yourself up for failure. You have to trust the process and stay true to your core values.


“Go from Hannah Montana To Wrecking Ball Overnight” – Rebecca Brumfield

Miley Cyrus is the queen making very abrupt changes. Sometimes you just have to be drastic to make a change. And she said ”If people are going to be looking at what I’m doing anyway, why not make it impactful and do something for a greater cause? If they’re going to be looking at me like, Well, let me give them something to look at and something to really talk about. She went from Hannah Montana to wrecking ball overnight, but she couldn’t have a transition phase. It had to be a switch flipped with her because she’s so well known. There was no transition period, her transition period was ripping the band aid off. So you have to ask yourself: Do you want to transition slowly and easily? Or do you want to rip the band aid off and go cold turkey? That’s your choice to make. 


“If you are still running your business the way you were three years ago, you’re doing it wrong.” – Ramona Rice


If you’re still running your business the way you were three years ago, you’re doing it wrong. Because as you grow, you need people for the business you have today, not the business you had three years ago. I think that’s okay. For example, Rebecca no longer needs a full staff. That is what is best for her business and goals now.


How to Connect with Rebecca

To connect with Rebecca and a community of like minded body workers you can join her Facebook Group – Badass Bodyworkers


This article was taken from Episode 171 of the Spapreneur Podcast™ and written by Savannah Cochran Content Manager with Spaprenuer®