Grow Your Spa Business Using Reviews




Grow Your Spa Business Using Reviews

Are you ready for more revenue and less advertising headaches? Today we are talking about one of the keystones that Lynn and I used to improve our business and become the number one spa, even in a COVID year, and not pay a dime for advertising. We are talking about getting and using reviews in your business.

We do not do Facebook ads, we do not take out radio ads, we rarely do any kind of print ads like one of those anymore. We don’t do any of that.  Because we rely heavily on SEO and SEO through data, through reviews. We have a ton of reviews, we have a system for reviews. I love reviews! And a lot of clients do as well. Did you know that about 55% of consumers will read at least four reviews before purchasing anything? Especially those who are going to invest in your high ticket products. Imagine a man who is purchasing laser hair removal or a massage for their girlfriend. He’s not going to send her to someplace that has bad reviews. You need to have good reviews! This is why we invited to our show the community director and the host of the Nice Job Podcast, Shaun Hill.


“I think there’s a big misconception that bad reviews are a personal attack.” – Ramona Rice

I think there’s a big misconception that bad reviews are a personal attack. I see this a lot. This is understandable in any kind of business space but, particularly for the spa space. In the spa space you’re not selling a product, you’re selling a service. And beyond that, it’s different from things like carpet cleaning or construction. You’re actually working on the human body, you’re trying to prove something with the human body or make something better. This is why a bad review can feel so personal.

I’m a big believer, we don’t ever try to get our one star reviews ever taken down. I personally love the one star reviews. Okay, hear me out. There are two reasons that I say this. One, It’s data. Negative reviews give me insights into ways in which I need to improve my business immediately. And two, you can clearly see which reviews have absolutely no merit when next to our hundreds of good reviews. They almost prove the good reviews to be true.


“When you get a bad review, that is a marketing opportunity”. – Shawny Hill


When you get a bad review, that is a marketing opportunity. I know it sounds like a tagline. But I always like to relate it to, you know, personal relationships, right. And a lot of I would say, you know, your most basic, you know, like marriage vows or commitment ceremony thing, right? There’s always a part in there such as, till death do us part, sickness and health,good times bad. And it’s funny as humans, you kind of created that relationship, because you want to know that matter what happens you are together. Sometimes the negative review is giving you insight that you can say “Hey, even if we do it really, really bad, even if it goes very wrong, we can still run a successful business and improve for the better.” 


“All bad reviews are just a failure to meet expectations.” Shawny Hill

Now their expectation could be unrealistic. They could think, this will only take a few minutes and I will miraculously feel 30 years younger. This Is of course unrealistic. However, this can lead to disappointment from your clients. That is why it is so vital to manage client expectations ahead of time. It is always more beneficial to under promise and over deliver on expectations. 


“Getting a negative review shouldn’t be something you fear.” – Shawny Hill


I don’t want to encourage going out and getting them! But, I want to really get rid of the fear part of it. Because by building in wanting feedback within your process, you’ll start to be able to address those problems before they even turn into one star reviews. Everyone knows there’s people out there that just leave one star reviews. So while you don’t need them, having at least one or two in there does give a little bit more validity to your five stars reviews.


“It’s like instant feedback immediately. So you can course correct immediately.” – Ramona Rice


We actually went through my business earlier this year earlier this summer. Really it’s just a couple months ago we were getting a slew of one star reviews like for us it was like four in a row, and I’m like, What in the world is going on? To we’re completely bogus, to where like, now we kind of left up. So I had to go to my team and say, Okay, what have we done wrong with all of this. And it turned out, I needed to move a key player that was here in the back office back up to the front of the office, I needed to put her back up front, because when she’s up there, these things don’t happen. 


And so we need to figure out, do we have the right people on the bus? I’ve used that analogy from the great Jim Collins so many times. Do you have the right people on the right seat? That’s an indicator, or it could be here’s an indicator that maybe you shouldn’t be offering that service at all. Maybe you just can’t handle that. That’s another big thing that feedback gives you. If you get a ton of feedback that your deep tissue is bad, stop advertising the deep tissue, just just let it go. Be free of it, you know, and I think that’s what reviews do. It’s like instant feedback immediately. So you can course correct immediately.


“Customers are looking for experts.” – Shawny Hill

We all love it when someone calls us and says “I booked you, because you have so many reviews” Customers, that’s what they want. We need to let them know we would like to get a review from them as well. Because they are looking for experts. If they just wanted anybody, they would ask their partner and they would ask their cousin and say “Hey, you’re strong, can you try to crack my back?” So when they’re going out looking for a service, they want to make sure it’s someone that’s not only doing it constantly, but thinking about it and improving as well.


“People see through advertising.” – Shawny Hill


The main reason they said that people don’t ask for reviews is either: A, they kind of don’t understand the power they have. They say I’m just old school. I believe in word of mouth, talk around my community and ads. But people now know how to research and look and they see through advertising. Now they kind of see everything as an advertisement. So it’s almost come full circle where it’s not begging you for review. It’s asking for feedback, because your customers now know that they can help you help them.


“You’re allowing the client to be part of your tribe.” – Ramona Rice


You’re allowing the client to be part of your tribe, by asking them to leave a review. Because if they love you to the point where they’re referring client friends to you, they’re already giving your view. I’ve also said when they buy gift certificates, they basically have paid for review, they’re paying a referral code. They are saying “I love this place so much, I’m going to give you money to go there!” 


“What is this magic?” – Ramona Rice

It’s important to keep track of your reviews. You all at NiceJob have this feature. I thought this was brilliant. No one else I’ve seen has done this where you can turn them into social media posts right there. And you have a Scheduler right there. I was like, what is this magic? Why aren’t there more people doing this? It’s because I started doing review posts that way before I knew what your company was Shawn. Because they are the posts that get the most traction.


Ready to grow your business using reviews? 


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This article was taken from Episode 168 of the Spapreneur Podcast™ and written by Savannah Cochran Content Manager with Spaprenuer®