Skylar Pearson & All about Med Spas

Skylar Pearson
Skylar Pearson

Today we are talking all about Med Spas. I know for some of you the sound of the word Med in front of Spa turns you away. But, I encourage you to keep reading and learn from Med Spa Expert Skyler Pearson. The information is taken from our podcast interview. We discuss Med Spas vs Traditional Spas, How you can benefit from Med Spa technology and services and all about Skyler’s journey to where he is today. 


Med Spa vs Traditional Spa


Med Spa vs Traditional Spa can feel like a totally different world. There is a difference in equipment, you have a doctor involved. “It’s like putting spas on steroids” – Skylar Pearson

You will have opportunities to partner with local practitioners. 


What Should Your Next Steps Be?

Maybe you are asking if I’m an aesthetician and I want to go to the next level and I want to work directly with a dermatologist, what should my steps be? One of the easiest paths is starting a  laser technician training course. You can become a laser tech within seven to 14 days with most courses. 


Skylar’s Story

Eight years ago, I started with all the other manufacturers out there like I started with CoolSculpting. With all these other machines, I found a whole in their consumables. So then me and my husband started manufacturing our own devices from Germany and Italy. What was missing is they all just freeze fat and crystallized fat, then you have to go find somebody that can do skin tightening. Our devices do skin tightening, muscle building, and fat reduction all in one device and in only one treatment. – Skylar


A Note to Take


I want you to listen to Skylar’s journey. Skylar started in one area and then he’s so invested in education and worked hard for every step up. You’re hearing an eight to 10 year story. This is a decade of his life. He invested in learning how to do this and then he was prepared for the right opportunity. I think that’s really important in business overall because it’s not like this was an overnight journey. This was a whole long process and there were probably a lot of missteps along the way.


What Skylar Believes In


We actually have affordable solutions where they can come in at level two and level three devices at different pricing. And we get them so happy knowing that there are results and there is a bright light at the end of the tunnel. They actually will go from one level to the next after they see results because there’s a lot of med spas that over promise and under deliver. We always deliver that’s the thing we do, We use the tagline ‘Your image is our business.” Because it really is your walking billboard for us. And if you’re going around doing half assed work, they’re not going to look good, it’s gonna make you have a bad reputation. -Skylar 


How Skylar Inspires His Team

How do you instill that in your team? I tell my team that results matter the most. If somebody wants to be put on a different machine for another amount of time, with us putting in our direct devices, I don’t have a problem doing it, because it makes their results that much better. And it also makes them have that much better data to tell their friends and family members what we’re doing for them differently. And this is also the thing, you’re going to find out real quick that I hate using the word Med Spa, I like to use “Results Driven Center.” 


I will turn people away if they’re not the right candidate for either liposuction or they’re not great candidates for our treatments. You’ve got to be able to know when to turn them away. It’s not just about money, it’s about that outcome and the results you’re going to give somebody. -Skylar


“Serve the client first and the money will follow” – Ramona Rice


Serve the client first, the money will follow. There is power in being able to turn clients away. As Skylar said, know who your ideal clients are and are not. And it’s not because we don’t want to serve them, it’s because what we could do won’t work for them. So why waste their time and money? 


Should a Traditional Spa Partner with Med Spas? 

I’ve loved doing that. I’m always open to partnerships. And that’s the other reason why we manufacture our devices. I’ve got class one and class two devices that estheticians can use. And there’s even some devices before even being a laser tech that an aesthetician can actually do because they already understand the fitzpatricks and everything you do have to know your Fitzpatrick scale. And we do a lot of partnerships. We do partnerships with marketing, we do partnerships with our devices. And it’s even where we come in half, we pay half of the device, you pay half the device. And then together we’re in a partnership where we help you with the marketing. – Skylar


“It’s all about the experience” – Skylar Pearson

It’s all about the experience that you’re giving. It’s about the Ritz Carlton experience. I have a complete front desk staff trained to make a great first impression. And my entire staff is giving a 5 star experience throughout. You’re not selling them a service, you are selling them an experience.


Spapreneur® Signature Question – What makes you feel wealthy?

What makes me feel wealthy is the knowledge that I have and how I can help people boost confidence. I’m wealthy with that but not only is it money but yeah, it’s the knowledge that I have. And like I said, Guys, I didn’t get here overnight. It took me 16 years to get here. But it is a wealth of knowledge and I’m a year to two years away from actually going to medical school. So I do feel very wealthy. – Skylar Pearson


Where you can find Skylar:

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This article was taken from Episode 172 of the Spapreneur Podcast™ and written by Savannah Cochran Content Manager with Spaprenuer®