The ‘I have no Money’ Excuse

no money excuses

On today’s episode of the Spaprenuer® podcast, Ramona goes over the final excuse in her excuses series – no money. It is often the most used excuse because money is tied to so many things. It’s an easy excuse to use and hide behind. Every business owner has had to use bootstraps and budgeting to get ahead. Don’t let old attitudes about money stop you from getting to where you want to be.

Topics Covered

  • Most businesses start with little to no money
  • Money is a finite resource
  • Get money focused
  • Money is a tool
  • Every dollar that comes to you has to have a job
  • Treat your business like a revenue-producing entity
  • Investments in your business shouldn’t be a vanity thing
  • Stop putting up with nonsense from clients
  • Invest in accounting education
  • Align your revenue goal to your personal money goals
  • You need a household budget – four walls and a dream life
  • Invest in professional services that matter
  • The CEO Schedule

Resources Mentioned